Our company started developing an electronic device, combining OSD, Autopilot and IMU equipments on one mother board. Manufacturing of the particular device is going to be in ''Hobby" and ''Pro'' modifications, with different functions respectively. Software and hardware update of the ''hobby'' version to ''pro'' version will be also available. Sensor sockets and mechanics are separated from the mother board and connect to mother board using 60-pin connector. Mother board and connectors are using flexible/solid technology, which is vibro-resistant  complies highest industry standards. Vector/Analog, 2d/3d graphics, resolution 768x576 px. We intend to start shipping the product in march 2013.

 Below you can find detailed technical specifications of the particular device and it's photos:

1. In and Out ports:
 -8 individual PPM inputs (6 regular PPM channels + 2 control channels) / Serial PPM in
 -16 individual PPM outs
 -I2C to LRS/Spectrum etc. transmitters 
 -I2C to payload controllers 
 -I2C/UART to additional sensors
 -UART for GPS 
 -UART for Bluetooth/radiolink
 -USB for PC log file transfer, settings and firmware update
 -6 analog inputs
 -video input
 -video output 
 -audio input
 -audio output
 -10 GPIO pins (including I2C/UART/analog/PPMinout/CAN)2 
2. Hardware:
CPU 1: STM32F405RGT6-168Mhz, 1024kb flash memory, 192kb ram.
Tasks: autopilot/IMU/PPM/analog inputs/USB , connection with external sensors.
-CPU 2: STM32F405RGT6-168Mhz, 1024kb flash memory, 192kb ram.
Tasks: OSD, voice processor, basic inputs-outputs, GPIO, payload interfaces, additional interfaces.
-Log and settings memory :AT45DB161D - 2MB
Motherboard sensors: inertial: LSM303DLHC, L3G4200D, baro: LPS331
3. Technical specifications
Video part:
-vector/raster 2d/3d graphics, 768x576px, PAL/NTSC
- 16 brightness gradations?
Audio part:
-Camera's audio signal amplifier
-PCM/ADPCM/MP3 sound playback and output to build-in 12bit audio DAC.
-Electronic audio volume control for camera audio and audio messages, 64 levels of volume.
4. Power supply: 6-40 V
5. Measurements/weight: 35x54x7mm/11gr.


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